Who is the ZTV?

The trustee association has been founded in 1986. The association is a community of professional interests in the region of the Canton of Zug independent from other national professional organisations. It regards its activities complementary to those of other organisations within the trustee industry.


Particularly in the trustee industry mutual trust, ethical standards and integrity are as important as professional qualifications. Therefore, between 80 and 90 individual persons from the trustee sector have formed an alliance under the ZTV in order to maintain and further expand the professional quality criterias within the Canton of Zug.


In particular, the trustee association, Zug maintains a close relationship with the Federal Economic Chamber of Zug (ZWK), the Taxation Association, Zug (ZSV) as well as with the VQF, Association of quality assurance of financial services.


Objectives of the ZTV

In a complex environment of clients, authorities and numerous legal regulations, trustees must deal competently with widely varying interests. Therefore, qualification criterias for the experts of this service industry as well as the phrasing and compliance with ethical standards are essential requirements to create and maintain credibility and trust.


The objective of the Trustee Association, Zug (ZTV) is to make a decisive contribution towards the preservation and promotion of the good reputation of the profession of the Canton of Zug. Its main purpose is to act as connecting link between companies, authorities and the financial service industry and, as such, to promote the mutual trust and, at the same time, to represent the interests of the trustees in the Canton of Zug.


Strict requirements for membership as well as the liability to comply with generally accepted ethical standards are emphasized. Members must not only fulfil the high standards demanded in connection with professional training and experience. In addition, they are bound to comply with ethical guidelines in the pursuance of their profession.


This serves as a basis for the cultivation and realisation of the mutual trust with clients, authorities and third parties.


Main activities


Quality assurance
Members of the Trustee Association, Zug are bound to comply with the quality standards.


One of the main interest of the Trustee Association, Zug relates to the continuous professional training of its members. Several times each year, the ZTV organises seminars and information events for members in close collaboration with experts from the authorities or the industry. In this context, emphasis is also placed on the training of apprentices. The Association organises courses and provides teachers and examiners.


Taxes and duties – Notifications

  • Observation of activities in the fiscal policy and participation in development thereof
  • Consideration of international influence

Competition of economical area

The ZTV actively supports the advantages of Zug as a competitive economical area.


Who becomes a member?


Application for membership
An application can basically be handed to the board by any individual person who is active in the trustee sector in the Canton of Zug, either self employed or in a managerial function. Finally, the board decides on the acceptance or the refusal of the application without justification.


Conditions for membership
All members must be able to prove that they have had a higher education and at least three years of professional experience or another, equivalent form of training, as well as at least eight years of professional experience. In this context, activities such as bookkeeping and accountancy, information technology (IT), taxation and law, management consultancy / organisation, audit and asset management are accepted as professional experience. In addition, the statutes of the association specify that an applicant must be of good character and unimpeachable reputation.


Terms of membership
Every member is bound to uphold the professional regulations of the ZTV. In general, these regulations contain guidelines regarding independence, professional discretion and further training activities as well as the customary rates for fees in line with market conditions. Therefore, clients, authorities and third parties rely on certain professional and ethical conditions when collaborating with a ZTV member. The board can bar any member who no longer fulfils these requirements.


Costs of membership
The general meeting annually lays down the costs for membership. The annual membership fee currently amounts to CHF 650.— (1.1.2016).


Statutes and professional regulations
The statutes and the professional regulations are available to you by downloading an Acrobat PDF file (in German language).

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